Megan Abrigo: Sexy Poker Hostess


Megan Abrigo was born and reared on the island of Oahu where she originated her career as a model. Hawaii’s lifestyle and customs has had a profound impact on this island girl. It illustrates in her simple headed personality and it is very fitting that she frays a swimming suit to labor since she has been surfing and swimming her complete life.

Megan later shifted to Los Angeles where she graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a grade in Studio Art and Computer Science. Hollywood didn’t have to wait lengthy for this natural exotic beauty to parlay her successful modeling career into film and television. She can be perceived on NBC’s top-ranked game illustrate “Deal or No Deal” as briefcase girl figure six on every episode since the pilot of the illustrate, and produces regular arrivals as the web cam girl on Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0”.

Megan has hosted an extreme sports illustrate paged “Dialed In,” obtaining to interview the riders and also illustrate her possess athleticism via attempting the sport. She has been perceived in People’s 100 majority lovely citizens in May 2006 with the relax of the “Deal or No Deal” models and does other various print campaigns. She has the starring role in Chris Brown’s “Forever” music movie and has freshly done commercials for Spike television, LA Inc., L’Oreal, Cover Girl, Planters Peanuts and Coors Light.

When Megan is not planting her passion of traveling the world, she enjoys photography, reading, spending time with her dog, and surfing. Gambling has admittedly never been something she was hopeful with so it must be fun to melody in this descent to perceive Megan as a Hostess for “Face The Ace,” NBC’s latest primetime poker show.


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Michelle Orpe: The Face of Online Poker

Sponsored by an operators of online poker rooms and online casino, have went into into an affirmation with poker player/model Michelle Orpe. Under the periods come to, Purple Lounge will sponsor Orpe's appearances and applications into top-dollar poker tournaments round the world; in come back, Orpe will become the face of Purple Lounge.

Orpe is a certified competitor and player and has taken part in the European Poker Tour as well as worked as a commentator on Poker Night Live. The British native had attempted a type of unusual trades, embracing playing in a explode band called "Frenzz", when Poker News proposed her a standard slot, and coached her for 2 1/2 years with seven divergent poker skilled population as tutors.

Purple Lounge is aware to the item that a growing part of their constituents is female someone, and run extraordinary women-only tournaments and engagements of the sexes, pitting men against women.

Orpe's website offers private tutoring in poker, as well as her services as a dealer for hire, for either public or private events. On her blog she dreams wistfully that someone might understand her talent and send her playing round object the world, so Purple Lounge is a image come true for Orpe.

Purple Lounge, across a partnership with Quintessentially, bids lifestyle facilities and else features beyond online gaming, so as towards be a finalize package for players.

Michelle is a acknowledged face on the poker outlook and has been included in the development for 5 years now. She ascertained poker while submitting the cult video present Poker Night Live and encountered she had a natural flare for the game. If you have monitored poker on the video it is most in all likelihood Michelle was included somehow. She loves playing the game inhabit and confirmed she could retain her own at the desks when she won her first ever sponsored poker tournament, a qualifier into the European Poker Tour in London at the Victoria Casino. She won her stool out of a paddock of over 200 players. Since then she has noted a years sponsorship deal to Purple Lounge, with who she employed to work for as an Affiliate Manager, giving her an insight into the world of poker behind the scenes as well.

She is an adaptable player who is not intimidated by the large male dominance at the tables, if anything she knows how to use this to her advantage.

Since her sponsorship she has played in various tournaments across the globe including, of course, Las Vegas and has had much success. She also writes regularly for poker magazines, compères at poker events and deals at tournaments around Europe.

Michelle Orpe's Photos

Mich OrpeMich OrpeMich Orpe
Michelle OrpeMichelle OrpeMichelle Orpe
Michelle OrpeMichelle OrpeMichelle Orpe

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Andrea Parker: Celebrity Poker Guest Player

Andrea Parker Poker
Andrea Nicole Parker (born March 8, 1970 in Monterey County, California) is an American actress and former ballet dancer.
Andrea Parker: Career

Parker began ballet training at age 6 and at age 15 she joined a professional dance company. She quit her career in ballet after three years of touring and trained to become an actress while working as a bartender. Her first documented film role was at age 19 in the movie Rented Lips in which she played a dancer/nurse.

Andrea Parker appeared in Married with Children as a Go-Go Dancer in 2 episodes - Prom Queen: The Sequel (1989) and Prom Queen: Part 1 (1989). Andrea got her break in television playing a nurse on the award-winning Seinfeld episode "The Contest" in 1992. After that first speaking role, she had several other guest-starring roles in television series and movies, most notably a recurring role in ER as Linda Farrell, the love interest of Dr. Doug Ross, and as Caitlin Pike in JAG. She was a body double for Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman; hers are the legs seen in the opening scene of the main character zipping up her boots. She also did several pilots before she gained a cult-following for her role as Miss Parker on the NBC television series The Pretender.

Parker says she felt compelled to play the role of the complex, cynical, powerful and intimidating yet somewhat tortured Ice Queen because her name was "all over the script." Miss Parker is a character many viewers love and others love to hate. Parker also played the minor role of Catherine Parker, Miss Parker's mother in The Pretender, a role that is in stark contrast to the character Miss Parker.

After The Pretender was canceled by NBC in 2000, Parker did another guest spot on JAG before signing on to reprise her role as Miss Parker in the telemovies for The Pretender, which aired on TNT in 2001. She then returned to series television in 2002 and starred in the ABC network comedy Less Than Perfect, playing Lydia Weston until it was cancelled in 2006. She has made several guest appearances on television talk shows and celebrity events such as the various celebrity poker tournaments.

Parker is noted for her support of various charities such as the National Hospice Palliative Care Organization, Glenn Siegel's My Good Friend charity organization, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research and Project Angel Food. Parker is also trained as a stunt-driver and can handle firearms.

Andrea Parker's Photos

Andrea Parker PokerAndrea Parker PokerAndrea Parker Poker
Andrea Parker PokerAndrea Parker pokerAndrea Parker Poker

Andrea Parker PokerAndrea Parker PokerAndrea Parker Poker

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Vanessa Rousso: The Lady Maverick

Lady Maverick

Vanessa “Lady Maverick” Rousso is currently completing her third year of law school and rank in the top 5 of her class at University of Miami School of Law. Vanessa Rousso is also the youngest woman poker professional to compete in the World Series Of Poker Final Event and one of the top 10 female money earners of all time on the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) and World Poker Tournament (WPT) circuits.

Vanessa Rousso also graduated in Duke University in 2 and a half years,ad now pusuing a law career. While her counterparts routinely pursue internships prior to law school graduation in order to gain practical legal experience, Vanessa spends summers traveling the country to compete in professional poker tournaments.

How she dealt with it? In April 2006, she finished a law school exam, hustle and bustle to the airport, arrived within seconds of missing her flight, and flew to Las Vegas, Nevada, to take part in the World Poker Tour World Championships. Vanessa Rousso not only aced the law school exam, but she also finished seventh in the World Poker Tour World Championships.

With less than 3 years of professional play behind her, Vanessa Rousso has already earned close to $2 million playing at live poker tournament and at online poker site. while earning a law degree on the side. Vanessa Ruosso earned more than $680,000 in 2005 on the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour circuits. She is also in the 7th palce in a field of more than 600 of the World's top professionals at the World Poker Tour Championship event.

This poker hottie has won 4 World Series of Poker (WSOP) events, including an 8th place finish in this year's $5,000 event. Most recently, she finished in 1st place at the World Poker Tour Borgata Open, winning almost $300,000.

She also cashed the ladies event in 45th place, and picked up an extra couple of grand when she won one of the Palms' Daily Tournaments. In the fall Vanessa returned to law school, and played poker whenever she had a chance either online or traveling to small buy-in tournaments on breaks. She made 3 cashes and 2 final tables in early 2006, her biggest score coming in the $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Event at Atlantic City's Wold Series Of Poker-Circuit stop where she banked $17,550. That's when Vanessa Rousso got a funny idea in her head — she wanted to play in the $25,000 World Poker Tour Championships. Vanessa Rousso ground her way to a 7th place finish and a $263,625 score, busting on the TV final-table bubble when Vanessa's A-K fell to James Van Alstyne's A-J.

In EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final High Roller last May 1, 2009, she outlasted other poker pros and even celebrities to elevate in the 1st place and take home $946, 696. Her undisputed performance at Bellagio wowed everyone and soon she was given out to be part as a member of The PokerStars' Team and also signed as the newest Go Daddy girl and will be joining the most dominant domain name registrar in the world.

With her renowned success, she is now a volunteer of Toys and Tales, Walk for the Cure, the Palm Beach Youth Court, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Center for Race Relations at Duke University. She is also an instructor for the World Poker Tour Boot Camp.

A woman winning the World Series is just a matter of time, she maintains, as the number of skilled female poker hotties in the biggest action continues to elevate. The fact is, Vanessa says, women at poker tables tend to be viewed through a filter of faulty perceptions. "Women are perceived as very tight players, that we can't bluff, but the fact is we've been bluffing for centuries. We're better at it than you guys . . .And so the best women players can use this misconception or stereotype to their advantage."

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Vanessa RoussoVanessa RoussoVanessa Rousso
Vanessa RoussoVanessa RoussoVanessa Rousso
Vanessa RoussoVanessa RoussoVanessa Rousso

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