Sabina Gadecki: 3rd WPT Hostess

poker hotties - sabina gadeckiA former beauty queen is the next WPT hostess, Sabina Gadecki. A very sweet looking hottie has replaced Courtney Friel and became the third hostess of the show.

Sabina Gadecki loves the game of poker and loves her job as the WPT host even more.
She has a little knowledge in playing poker but still she's trying to learn more. As A WPT hostess and spokesperson, she has to be more familiar with the game. To help out players and especially the viewers.

Right now she is learning how to become a better poker player. We better look out, as she is getting private lessons from poker pro Gavin Smith. Gadecki has studied theater, international business and has done modeling for big magazines.

Sabina Gadecki's Sexy Photos

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Courtney Friel:2nd WPT Hostess

poker hotties - courtney frielThe hottie Courtney Friel was the replacement for Shana Hiatt as hostess and spokesmodel for the World Poker Tour television series. Although she only worked for the WPT for one year, she was able to use it as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

Another perfect choice by the World Poker Tour to get Courtney Friel as the new host. The combination of her talent and sweetness captures male poker fans and poker players' interest.

Knowing Courtney, she really don't have any experienced in playing poker. Despite her inexperience however, Courtney is very willing to learn poker as much as possible, so that she knows it as well as she knows reporting. She is looking forward to interviewing the players and will no doubt win them over and tease them into giving her a few tips! It is undoubted that Courtney will be a great success as the new World Poker Tour host, and will have even greater visibility through modelling for gambling magazines and online poker rooms.

Courtney Friel's Sexy Photos

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Shana Hiatt: 1st WPT Hostess

Shana Poker

Shana Hiatt a poker hottie who hosted the first three seasons of the World Poker Tour. Because of her beauty and attractiveness, she made a very a big role on the success of the World Poker Tour. But its not just the pretty face and a great figure that made her so successful, she also did a great job on making poker players comfortable.

After the first successful season of the WPT, a new opportunity is presented to Shana, and the announcement is made in November 2003 that Shana Hiatt has been named the official spokesperson for PartyPoker.com.

Shana's poker hosting does not end there, she also hosts a weekly high-stakes celebrity poker match at the prestigious Beverly Hills club, the Grand Havana Room.

Shana Hiatt's Sexy Photos

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shana pokershana pokershana poker

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