Tina Wallman: Queen of Hearts

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Tina Wallman is the newest host at Poker.com. Tina is known there as the Queen of Hearts and has her own section on the Poker.com forum where you can ask her questions. Before coming to Poker.com, Tina was a model featured in many magazines across the world. She has been featured on the cover of Maxim magazine as well as being featured in many others. We picked Tina as the Poker Babe of the Month because she clearly stands out as one of the most beautiful women in the Poker industry.

About Poker Tina

Real Name: Tina Wallmann
Birthday: 28/01/1980 (25)
Born: Australia
Marital Status: Single

Tina Wallmann Vital Statistics

Height: 168cm
Bust: 95cm
Waist: 68cm
Hips: 85cm
Shoe Size: 7
Dress Size: 8
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Tina Wallman currently became a sought-after asset in the poker industry. She was named as the spokesmodel for the online poker site CarbonPoker.com and can be seen in the forum where players can ask a questions, the flagship of the newly formed Merge network. The site was previously known as Poker.com but now talk big with their new improvements.

Although she is also featured in their ads online and even plays at their site. Tina Wallman has not played in any live tournaments and neither currently ranked.

When Tina Wallman is in the photoshoot or playing online poker,she likes to work out at the gym, read books, travel, and listen to music.

Tina Wallman is the super hottest poker model that who poses close by nude on poker tables, holding playing cards or doing sexy things with poker chips.

Tina Wallman's Photos

tina pokertina pokertina poker
tina pokertina pokertina poker
tina pokertina pokertina poker

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Daisy Fuentes: Hollywood Poker Player

Daisy Fuentes Poker
The third season kicks off in style with a fresh episode of the WPT’s popular Hollywood Home Game. Playing for their favorite charities, six celebs from every corner of the entertainment industry came into this No-Limit Texas Hold‘Em Poker battle keenly aware of the additional prize - a guaranteed $25,000 seat at the WPT World Championship at Bellagio, awarded to the sole survivor.

In Seat 1, Kevin Weisman, one of the stars of Alias, (as well as drummer for the notorious hillbilly rock band Trainwreck). In Seat 2, the handsome star of Scream, Skeet Ulrich. In Seat 3, the animated and scrumptious Mena Suvari, who shot to fame (with her well-placed rose petals) in the Oscar-winning film American Beauty. In Seat 4, indefatigable star and legend, William Shatner. In Seat 5, arguably the loveliest MTV veejay ever, the current Miss Universe host, Daisy Fuentes. And in Seat 6, the ever-popular king of the game shows, Chuck Woolery.

Daisy Fuentes first gained recognition in the U.S. as host of MTVs Top 20 Video Countdown, and House of Style. This Havana-born beauty got her start doing weather for New Yorks Univision, and rapidly ascended to become News Anchor at Telemundos New York affiliate, before her groundbreaking stint as the first crossover VJ (video jockey) to work both on MTV U.S. and MTV Latino. While her quick wit and intellect have forged her career in television, her beauty has carried her to modelings lofty climes as well, as worldwide spokesmodel for Revlon a post she shares with a few other fairly well known ladies such as Halle Berry, Claudia Schiffer, and Cindy Crawford. She's new to poker, but has assaulted it with the confidence she's known for, so watch out.

Daisy Fuentes' Photos

Daisy Fuentes PokerDaisy Fuentes PokerDaisy Fuentes Poker
Daisy Fuentes PokerDaisy Fuentes PokerDaisy Fuentes Poker
Daisy Fuentes PokerDaisy Fuentes PokerDaisy Fuentes Poker

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Erica Schoenberg: Hottest Blackjack Babe

Erica Schoenberg | Poker Girl

Erica Schoenberg is one of the known poker hotties going today. Ms. Schoenberg is a former model and a former professional volleyball player, so she's got looks and athleticism. On top of those two professions, the player some know as the Poker Babe or Blackjack Babe has also made money as a personal trainer. Erica Schoenberg has even showed versatility in the gambling world, since she is also a professional blackjack player.

Erica Schoenberg credits her love of gambling to frequent trips she made to the racetrack with her father as a child. The Schoenberg family enjoyed cards and games of all kinds, and the young Erica gambled with her family members for everything from chore duties to pocket change.

She has gone on to participate in the World Series of Blackjack. Whenever she is at home, she plays at online casino under the sobriquet “Str8tflushin”.

Like many successful poker players, Erica Schoenberg has a mathematical brain, and it's been noted she won a county-wide math competition as a child. She studied theater in college, though this skill probably helps a professional poker player, too. Besides being a personal trainer, Erica has also served as a kickboxing instructor.

Erica Schoenberg has competed in the World Series of Blackjack and the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. She learned the game of blackjack from a former member of the MIT blackjack team which was featured in the movie 21.

Schoenberg played in the Season 2 and Season 3 of the World Series of Blackjack. She was runner-up in her round of the first phase of the tournament, and eventually busted out of the wildcard round of the tournament both years.

Erica Schoenberg also competed in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. The UBT was a 10-week event which has run two different seasons on CBS. In the 1st season of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour, Erica Schoenburg placed second in Tournament 7 (essentially Round 7) to "Hollywood' Dave Stann. She also played in the Ladies Night event, which was its own episode on the UBT broadcasts.

Erica Schoenberg's Photos

Erica SchoenbergErica SchoenbergErica Schoenberg
Erica SchoenbergErica SchoenbergErica Schoenberg
Erica SchoenbergErica SchoenbergErica Schoenberg

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