Summer Altice: Scorching Hot Poker Player

Summer Altice Poker
It's getting hot in here and everything is hotter in the summer! And the hottest list here none other than Summer Altice, one of the most pure, attractive women, sleek frame and playful smile we have laid eyes on. Her poker face do not appear done up or modified to make her look better. She is just exquisite on her own.

Apart from being named Miss August 2000 by Playboy and being cast in The Scorpion King opposite The Rock, Summer Altice is not that famous in mainstream society amnd this time sho goes all-in in poker! Poker hottie Summer Altice was once spotted at the MAXIM Magazine Rock & Roll Poker Tournament at the Wynn Resort last April 7, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The stunning brunette - who was a Playboy playmate before moving into acting Summer Altice had the choice to be a pro volleyball player or a model. Summer Altice then went to San Diego State University in the spring of 1997 where she signed with the San Diego Aztecs women’s volleyball team as an outside hitter. Summer was the star hitter with the potential future of playing professionally. And more than an awesome athlete with a beautiful body and a gorgeous face, Summer was also a bright student, studying communications at UCSD, and earning her way into the All-WAC (Western Athletic Conference) Academic team as a sophomore in 1999 for her athletic and academic achievements.

However, Summer Altice then transferred to UCLA in 2000 and continued her education in communications and journalism, while furthering her modeling career.She chose the latter, and it's safe to say that it worked out for the best – a model and a hot poker player. After seeing her spreads in GQ, Maxim, FHM, and Play..boy, there is no doubt that this girl is as hot as her name. After a successful modeling stint, Altice decided that acting was her true calling and she appeared in 2002's blockbuster, The Scorpion King, alongside The Rock. You can also catch her in two upcoming movies, which are still untitled.

Poker hottie and Playboy playmate Summer Altice served as tabloid fodder when she was alleged to have caused the split between Helen Hunt and Hank Azaria when she frolicked poolside with the latter at a party. The rumor was soon squashed when it was revealed that Summer was in fact dating Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst and Craig David. The relationship endured longer than most expected but alas, Summer Altice has since found a new beau in Hollywood hunk Vin Diesel.

In the Interview, Summer Altice burst out her career on Playboy Magazine and how did she get started before posing in the centerfold of the magazine.

AskMen: How did you end up in Playboy?

Summer Altice: I knew [Hugh Hefner's] girlfriends at the time, the twins and Brande [Roderick] for a while, almost two or three years before I did the magazine. We were all out one night at a club, and someone came up to me and said, "Can I have your autograph? Are you a Play..mate?" and I said "No, I am not" and [Hef] cut in and said, "No, but she will be." I tested and it got approved in a couple of days and [they] started shooting my centerfold. Next thing I know, a couple of months later I am popping up in the issue.

Summer Altice's Photos

Summer AlticeSummer AlticeSummer Altice
Summer AlticeSummer AlticeSummer Altice
Summer AlticeSummer AlticeSummer Altice

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Ashley Dorenzo: Hollywood Poker Hottie

Ashley Dorenzo

While some of the poker hotties are genuinely a great poker players and a sexy poker models, others are merely involved in the game in some manner or another. Ashley Dorenzo is a poker hottie, a model for the online Hollywood Poker room and was selected in 2006 as a Hollywood Poker calendar girl and the author of her blog about poker. Recently she decided that she should move on to be a professional poker player.

Ashley Dorenzo also worked as a cocktail server for the MGM Grand Casino. Her decisiveness to play poker professionally kick up the backside to be a poker hottie. She also works in a casino in Detroit and is known to play Texas Holdem online daily. She was introduced to poker by her father at the age of 8 and has been playing poker ever since. She considers herself a professional poker player.

In an interview of Hollywood Poker Girl to Ashley Dorenzo, she talks about her poker career and modeling:

HPG: How long have you been playing poker?
Ashley Dorenzo: I have been playing for 3 years.
HPG: How did you get introduced to poker?

Ashley Dorenzo: My husband is a great poker player and he taught me how to play.

HPG: What is your favorite poker game?
Ashley Dorenzo: No limit Texas Hold'em!
HPG: Do you have any superstitions?

Ashley Dorenzo: No. I'm not a superstitious person.
HPG: How long have you been modeling?

Ashley Dorenzo: I've been modeling for about a year.
HPG: What made you become interested in modeling?

Ashley Dorenzo: A scout approached me and that got me thinking about it so I went to an agent and they got me started.
HPG: What did you do before you became a model?

Ashley Dorenzo: I was a cocktail server at the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit for 5 years.
HPG: Has your career given you the chance to travel a lot?

Ashley Dorenzo: I've traveled a lot through the United States. I've been to Chicago, Miami, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Arizona…
HPG: What is the most memorable place that you have traveled to?

Ashley Dorenzo: I had a great time in Chicago. I was there for a test shoot for Playboy.
HPG: Who is the most interesting person you met?

Ashley Dorenzo: I was excited to meet Vince Van Patten. I have been watching him on the WPT for years and it was cool to meet him in person.
HPG: What is your favorite and least favorite feature about yourself?

Ashley Dorenzo: My favorite feature is my butt. I don't really have a least favorite feature. I am very comfortable and proud of my body.
HPG: What features do you look for in a man?

Ashley Dorenzo: I look for a guy with a sense of humor and a nice smile, who can play cards.
HPG: What are the things about a man that turn you off?

Ashley Dorenzo: I dislike arrogance and jealousy. Boring guys are also a turn off.

HPG: What is the worst pick up line someone has tried to use on you?

Ashley Dorenzo: You hear a lot of them at the Casino. Recently one guy said "Are you from Tennessee… 'cause you're the only 10 I see."
HPG: What is something a guy can say to you to get your attention?

Ashley Dorenzo: I like it when a man tells me I'm beautiful rather then sexy or hot. Beautiful sounds more sincere.

HPG: Tell us something that Mom and Dad don't know about you.

Ashley Dorenzo: They don't know that I'm trying to get into Playboy
HPG: Which celebrity icon do you idolize the most, and why?

Ashley Dorenzo: I look up to Jessica Simpson. She is a great business woman. She knows what works for her and what her fans want from her and she delivers. She is very good at what she does.

HPG: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ashley Dorenzo: I hope to be a former playmate by then, and a Pro Poker Player

Moreover, Ashley hope to own a Word Series Of Poker bracelet, her inspiration to play poker professionally are; Annie Duke, Doyle Brunson, Antonio Esfendiari and Barry Greenstein and plans to play at the poker table.

Ashley Dorenzo's Photos

Ashley DorenzoAshley DorenzoAshley Dorenzo
Ashley DorenzoAshley DorenzoAshley Dorenzo
Ashley DorenzoAshley DorenzoAshley Dorenzo

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Szilvia Friere: Miss Hungary Turn Poker Hottie

Freire Poker
Beautiful, talented and sexy! What makes the poker hottie of this post special? Not only Szilvia Freire won the crown of Miss World Hungary, she go all-in in a World Series Of Poker (WSOP) last October, 2009. Szilvia Freire was sponsored into the WSOP by Everestpoker.com. But unfortunately, after Szilvia Freire busted out of the WSOP tournament she and the crew began taking shots on an empty poker table.

Perhaps unaware that beauty queens are not expected to bring about world peace but are simply expected to stand around looking pretty in skimpy outfits, Miss World Hungary Szilvia Freire is logical then to think that she can equally make a splash at Miss World and surprise all the viewers.

Szilvia Freire On Describing Herself And Hobbies

Szilvia Freire was born into a multicultural family, with a Hungarian mother and Mozambique with Portuguese blood. She lives in African country for 9 years, now residing in Hungary in Budapest independently. She describe herself as a diverse person, who is very interested and open to the world and likes to study, having an economist diploma and now working on attaining the second one. Fluently speaking in 3 languages: Hungarian, English and Portuguese and understand French a little.

Szilvia Freire is a very social and need people's company and attention, and a pet lover with a ,positive attitude, patience and tolerance that she gained can be attributed to the various places she lived through her life and it has always help me on my way. A person who is not saddened by negative criticisms, but learned from them and this way she tried to get closer to her aims. Her passionate for Texas Hold'em Poker game, encourage her to play at WSOP and other sports are an everyday activity for her.

How She Hold The Crown To Miss World Hungary 2008

Szilvia Freire said that the process for finding Miss World Hungary consists of several steps. In the first step, 600 girls were chosen out of 2000 candidates, who registered via internet with photos and their biodata. The 600 were called to appear in front of the 6-member jury, who chose 80 from them for an interview. Then 23 where chosen to go to a 2-week-long preparation camp, at the end of which only 21 girls remained. We had to say goodbye to 2 candidates there, who the jury found the least appropriate for the queen position. The final was held with a fascinating and spectacular TV show, with a new jury, who gave scores in 3 different categories: swimwear, evening gown, and after these, the 5 ‘best’ finalists had to answer the jury’s questions live, in the TV show. I am very proud to be the winner. It is one of my biggest dreams that came true.

Her Qualities For Being Hailed As Miss World Hungary 2008

For Szilvia Freire,being a very social and sympathetic; she make connections easily with other people. With her diverse knowledge in foreign languages and my childhood life, which she could spend in several parts of the world are also some of her edge. For her, Life taught her to be patience and tolerance.

Szilvia Friere's Photos

Szilvia FreireSzilvia FreireSzilvia Freire
Szilvia FreireSzilvia FreireSzilvia Freire
Szilvia FreireSzilvia FreireSzilvia Freire

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Kitty Lea: Hot Poker Babe

Kitty Lea
While the majority of successful poker players are men, more hottest poker babes are getting involved and taking the game seriously as a way to make money. Like this model, actress, DJ and extremely hottest poker player Kitty Lea is the new sexy chic who was bitten of a poker bug. Multi-talented Kitty Lea from Lincoln UK has been featured in many magazines such as Bizarre, Nuts, Loaded, Front, Heat and Maxim Magazine. Kitty Lea first got introduced to poker through an ex-boyfriend, who played poker professionally. Kitty likes to play poker as often as her schedule allows, or when she is in the mood: “I don’t want to be playing when I’m tired and grumpy as I will just end up losing,” Kitty Lea says.

Kitty Lea is another of Nuts Magazine's famous talent spots, with her first shoot being in the UK Mens weekly in 2007. Since then, she has become one of Nuts most popular cover girls, and has also appeared numerous times in Loaded. Her saucy photo shoots can be seen on the Nuts website by following the link below.

In a PokerNews.com interview with Kitty Lea, she talks about being so gaga at the game of poker and how she deals the game with other guys:

PokerNews: If you could meet any poker player in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would you say to them?

Kitty Lea: Hahaha I guess id meet my ex and challenge him and hopefully thrash him!

PokerNews: What do you wear to play poker and do you find it affects your game?

Kitty Lea: Well last time I did my live game I was wearing a very nice dress and considering it was a room full of guys you can imagine it turned some heads.

PokerNews: Have you or would you ever play strip poker?

Kitty Lea: Actually I haven’t but I’m very keen to start, any offers?

PokerNews: If you were stranded on a desert island what three items would you take with you?

Kitty Lea: Shampoo? Haha errr well there would be no electric, oh a toothbrush! And a bottle of vodka .

PokerNews: Do you find it harder or easier when it is all men at the poker table apart from you?

Kitty Lea: Well it’s more fun!

PokerNews: Who in your opinion is the hottest poker player male or female?

Kitty Lea: hahah no comment!

PokerNews: Does being good looking make people behave differently to you when playing poker? ....and do they assume you're not as smart as them?

Kitty Lea: Well I’m sure I have all of that to come in time. If it makes me win then I’m all for it, other wise I might have to grow a beard and shave my hair off. And often in online poker I find people think I’m a total idiot so its fun taking their money. It’s like one great big power trip I never want to end. And hopefully with time it won't!

Kitty Lea's Photos

Kitty LeaKitty LeaKitty Lea
Kitty LeaKitty LeaKitty Lea

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