Sandra “Black Mamba” Naujoks

Sandra Naujoks

Finding a beautiful woman who can also indulge in your macho hobbies might be hard, but it definitely isn't impossible. Case in point: not only are these women smoking hot, but they could give you a serious run for your money on poker night.

Whoever thought that women could not beat men at their own game was clearly delusional. Aside from the corporate ladder, women excel in sports, fashion, and even in poker. Now, poker nights are no longer exclusive to men and their cigars because women have been doing the same thing. Aside from the great looks and the sexy smile, these women can successfully maneuver poker hottie Sandra Naujoks their way to the top with their wits.

After studying German and History she became a teacher, only to give that up to be a successful Graphic Designer and Model. However, another new direction has now come to fruition. While teaching Sandra spent her free time playing around with graphic design. She decided that this was more her thing and pursued this as a career while modeling on the side.

While modeling and working as a graphic designed, the poker hottie Sandra Naujoks was also playing some online poker on the side as a hobby under the username "Black Mamba". After a few good wins she decided to enter more live tournaments and was finishing very strong in these events. Her first big win in a live tournament was at the CAPT Baden event where she came first in the 4000 euro No Limit Poker event. There she won 174,5000 euros and beat out some very tough competition with players such as Pokerstars pro Alex Kravchenko who she faced heads up to win the tournament.

In 2008, she got her career rolling with a fifth place finish at the Casinos Austria Poker Tour Graz Open for $23.5K. A few months later, she won CAPT Baden for $240K, an astonishing achievement for somebody so new to the game. A year later, Naujoks shocked the world again by winning European Poker Tour German Open for a staggering $1.1 million. Not only did she win an incredible sum of money, but the time, she was the first woman to win an EPT event. She has gone on to record multiple cashes since, including a $52K score for 36th in the 2009 $10K EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo and first in the 2009 Team Cup Mountain Poker Party in Seefeld for $11K. All told, Sandra has over $1.5 million in live tournament earnings.

Sandra Naujoks really became popular in March of 2009 after she won the German EPT event in Dortmund. There she cashed for 917,000 euros and became the 2nd woman ever to win an EPT title.

With already two major poker titles under her belt, Sandra Naujoks has established herself as an extremely gifted poker player, and she sits among the all-time German money winners. She’s also been recognized with many awards, including European Female Player of the Year. Already a star, Sandra is sure to be a familiar face at the tables in years to come.
In her spare time, Sandra Naujoks likes to travel and work with the charity groups, including All in 4 Kids, which she established herself. Online, she is also a Team PokerStars Pro and plays as under the name “S.Naujoks”.

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Sandra NaujoksSandra NaujoksSandra Naujoks
Sandra NaujoksSandra NaujoksSandra Naujoks
Sandra NaujoksSandra NaujoksSandra Naujoks

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Brandi Hawbaker: Controversial Poker Hottie

Brandi Hawbaker poker

With so many names like Brandi Hawbaker, Brandi Rose, Naami Dea her life and the events surrounding it were like a movie. A never ending cycle of men, shags, drugs, money, poker, people getting hurt, and despair. These events were only heightened by the Internet and forums willing to discuss and debate these events at every possible opportunity. Brandi Hawbaker became somewhat of a cult personality, loved by some, and hated by many.

Full Tilt cover girl Brandi Hawbaker is more known for her exploits off the poker table onto the scene in 2006, when she finished 35th in the Festa Al Lago WPT main event. Poker hottie Brandi Hawbaker was seemingly constantly in the news after this, becoming entangled in public feuds with numerous different personalities in the poker world.

Brandi Hawbaker Skyrocketed Poker Career

Poker hottie Brandi Hawbaker has stated that she spent six years backpacking around the world doing odd jobs in exchange for a place to stay and food to eat. She returned to the United States in 2005 after spending a summer in Guyana and worked as a project coordinator for a company for a while before somehow, somewhere, someday, she found herself playing poker .

It looks like Brandi Hawbaker has won $30k plus recently in a tournament and has been making waves on the circuit as an up and coming player. It was her deep run at the World Poker Tour Festa Al Lago event, she finished 35th winning over $20,000 in the process and her subsequent photo of a online poker site logo covering her bared breast that catapulted her into the poker world.

She became something of a cult figure in the online poker world and on the pro poker circuit. I didn’t know her personally but like many other online poker players and bloggers followed the roller coaster of her life with some interest.

Brandi Hawbaker Tragic Contoversy

Brandi Hawbaker was often a controversial and seemingly complex character but was best known for her over the top publicity stunts and exhibitionism. Perhaps the most infamous woman in poker took her own life. Brandi Hawbaker more known for her exploits off the poker table than at them, was found dead in Los Angeles.

She was in a relationship with a somewhat unknown person named Brandon who posted in January that Brandi had taken all of his things out of his house and sold them and taken off. Most recently, her former boyfriend posted a thread on 2+2 detailing their sordid relationship. Since then, rumors floated around that Brandi had left Las Vegas and relocated to Southern California where she converted to Islam and changed her name. She was reportedly seen playing cash games in L.A. based casinos.

Brandi Hawbaker wiped out one of his online poker accounts to the tune of approximately $30,000. What exactly happened is a he said, she said. In a bit of eerie foreshadowing, Brandi Hawbaker locked herself in the bathroom, smashed a bottle of wine, and cut herself.

Brandi Hawbaker’s poker career included only $40,000 in tournament winnings but she was better known as a central figure in a number of drama-filled episodes on various internet forums. It's a sad ending to a sad story.

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Brandi HawbakerBrandi HawbakerBrandi Hawbaker
Brandi HawbakerBrandi HawbakerBrandi Hawbaker
Brandi HawbakerBrandi HawbakerBrandi Hawbaker

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Trishelle Cannatella: Sexy Poker Player

Trishelle Cannatella Poker

Born November 4, 1979 in Cut Off, Louisiana, Trishelle Cannatella first gained recognition in 2003 by appearing in MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas. Since then, she has been featured in Playboy, Maxim, Details, Elle Girl, Spin, and Stuff. She also been in over 30 TV shows and films, including Criminal Minds, The Dukes of Hazard: The Beginning, The Surreal Life, Punk’d, Fear Factor, Ninja Cheerleaders, and Dr. Steve-O.

On the tables, Trishelle got off to an auspicious start when her ex-boyfriend and his friends gifted her Poker for Dummies as a prank. Much to their dismay, she used the book to teach herself to play and, before long, was beating the boys at their own game. She then began playing online at Paradise Poker, where her game developed further. Soon after, she got her courage up and entered an $80 tournament at Caesars Palace, which she won. From then on, she decided to take the game more seriously.

2005 saw Trishelle appear on Celebrity Poker Showdown, where she performed admirably. In 2008, she made the final table of the World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational, announcing to the poker world that she was for real.

In a strange turn of events, Cannatella got in touch with Absolute Poker through a mutual friend. The end result was Absolute Poker offering Trishelle a sponsorship as an ambassador, a position she still holds. Her duties include doing both video and written blogs, going to charity events, and spending her summers at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

More recently, Cannatella took down the Trash Talk Championship, a charity event held at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. The event, which sent proceeds to the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, awarded Trishelle with a seat to the 2010 WPT Invitational tournament. She finished third in the event, cashing for $30K.

Currently, Trishelle Cannatella is still actively pursuing her career on the screen, but she can often be found online at Absolute Poker, where she plays as Trishelle_C.

Trishelle Cannatella Photos

Trishelle CannatellaTrishelle CannatellaTrishelle Cannatella
Trishelle CannatellaTrishelle CannatellaTrishelle Cannatella
Trishelle CannatellaTrishelle CannatellaTrishelle Cannatella

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Sara Underwood: Poker Hottie Playmate

Sara Underwood Poker

While some of the poker hotties mentioned here are genuinely great poker players, others are merely involved in the game in some manner or another. Some would argue that the words “sexy” and “poker” don’t really go together. Just think of your old man’s weekly games in the basement with his cigar-toting, beer-bellied crew of misfits and plumbers.

Sara Jean Underwood is a model, actress and TV host who is now focusing heavily on poker. She was the 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year after featuring as Playmate of the Month in 2006 as the Pac 10 girl from Oregon State. She has appeared in several movies and hosts various projects on G4 TV. She is now representing Victory Poker, and being trained by their high powered pro team to fast track her poker education. Originally from Scapoose, Oregon, she now splits time between LA and Las Vegas.

She first modeled for VictoryPoker.net in an advertising campaign and soon became a member of Team Victory. After playing in a Texas holdem charity tournament, the model and actress decided she wanted to learn the finer points of the game. She is currently training with Team Victory members Keith Gipson, Andrew Robl and others.

Sara Underwood placed fourth in her first online poker tournament. “I obviously had very good teachers, because I’m doing very well.”

Poker playmate Sara Underwood, who needs a few credits for her bachelor’s degree in business marketing from Oregon State University, said she relishes the challenge of playing poker against world-class pros, and the chance to put her brain to work. “I want to be known as a professional poker player who can hold my own at the top with some of the best,” she said. “I think the key is just really hard work. I’m just going to throw myself in it. There are no short cuts.”

When she’s not playing poker, Sara Underwood pursues a burgeoning film and television career and she recently co-founded hottiegram.com, a site that allows visitors to send customized video messages from Sara and other models. She’s frequently seen on the G4 television network, where she recently hosted a behind-the-scenes special called “Women of Ninja Warrior,” in which athletes compete on a grueling fitness course. She even tried out the course herself against female Japanese athletes.

In October 2009, Sara Underwood wrapped up filming her starring role in “Zellwood,” a horror movie set in the Florida Everglades. Her previous film credits include “House Bunny” and “Epic Movie.” Her favorite charity is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or ASPCA.

In an interview of PokerCurious.com, Sara Underwood talks about her new passion and how dealt with dozens of guys at the poker table:

In terms of poker, can we expect to see big things from you in the future?
Sara Underwwod: Big things in the poker world are definitely in my future. You don't get the top notch training I have been getting, and put in the time that I have put in, to be unsuccessful at poker.

Have you been able to learn a thing or two from the pro players on the Victory Team?
Sara Underwwod: The Victory Poker team has been training me like crazy, specifically Andrew Robl, Keith Gibson, and The Maven. I owe everything I know to them.

Any useful tips you can share for other aspiring players?
Sara Underwwod: Just that there is so much to learn, and that it can seem overwhelming at times, but don't give up it will all become clear with time and LOTS of practice. I have been reading the volumes of Dan Harrington's Harrington on Hold'em. They are great books and I recommend them to aspiring players as a jumping off point.

Do you find other players intimidated by you at the table or perhaps distracted? Can you use this to your advantage?
Sara Underwwod: I think guys definitely play different against me, but the advantages I have as being a young women at a poker table are just as great as the disadvantages, so I think it evens itself out. Some guys like having me around I think, simply because you spend so much time at that one table and it's nice to have someone of the opposite sex around, so they might be less likely to call me and just fold. But on the other hand guys also feel like they can push me around with big raises or re-raises (which they can't :)) so being me definitely has its advantages and disadvantages at the poker table.

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Sara UnderwoodSara UnderwoodSara Underwood
Sara UnderwoodSara UnderwoodSara Underwood
Sara UnderwoodSara UnderwoodSara Underwood

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Jenny Chu: Hot Poker Model

Jenny Chu

Jenny Chu has really some great assets to offer in the modeling world and also in the poker world. Undertaking to drive you on into a high gear with this flirtatious and hottest poker model Jenny Chu.

These Vietnamese-Chinese hot chick also known as “The Import Model Sweetheart” and thanks to her countless appearances on import car magazines and poker tournaments. With a body and a face like her, tuned up with her high-octane smile, she’s definitely a sweetheart that will get your blood racing especially at the poker table.

Crisscrossing the country to model at many events, Jenny Chu's fans come from all walks of life. And every one of them tell us the same thing, they love these model sweetheart!

Though Jenny Chu was a Vietnamese beauty, she was born in Los Angeles California. Jenny Chu has a great curves that turn her to be a successful Asian model. She started off modeling for cars, doing some music videos, she had bee a go-go dancer and even took part in the trade conventions.

Her passion in dancing led her to be a go-go dancer back then, she took a dance lesson when she was young. Moreover, she was invited to host a several events, but due to its boring career for her, she preferred dancing instead of hosting.

Jenny Chu dance all over the Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Long Beach. She also performed in the Forbidden city, Century Club, Music Box, Florentine gardens and in the Atmosphere. Her latest music video was in the Fast And Furious 2 where she shake her booty all over the place! She was getting ready to push the power wheels.

She also had a photo shoots in several renowned magazines like Cage Fighting Magazine, Girls of Lowrider, S3 ad Superstreet. She also a spokesmodel of for the international tire outfit, the Kuhmo Tires.

Although she was fondly seen in the magazines and some suites over the internet, Jenny Chu admitted that her career as a model is a short career that why she's doing the best she can.

As a sexy poker model, her first outward show is in Bodog.net. After her success appearance in Bodog, Jenny Chu was also invited to have an appearance at the Costa Rica poker tournament and at the Wild card poker tournament.

Poker players are turning up the heat on these foxy and ravishing poker model, Jenny Chu.

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Jenny ChuJenny ChuJenny Chu
Jenny ChuJenny ChuJenny Chu
Jenny ChuJenny ChuJenny Chu

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