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While some of the poker hotties mentioned here are genuinely great poker players, others are merely involved in the game in some manner or another. Some would argue that the words “sexy” and “poker” don’t really go together. Just think of your old man’s weekly games in the basement with his cigar-toting, beer-bellied crew of misfits and plumbers.

Sara Jean Underwood is a model, actress and TV host who is now focusing heavily on poker. She was the 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year after featuring as Playmate of the Month in 2006 as the Pac 10 girl from Oregon State. She has appeared in several movies and hosts various projects on G4 TV. She is now representing Victory Poker, and being trained by their high powered pro team to fast track her poker education. Originally from Scapoose, Oregon, she now splits time between LA and Las Vegas.

She first modeled for VictoryPoker.net in an advertising campaign and soon became a member of Team Victory. After playing in a Texas holdem charity tournament, the model and actress decided she wanted to learn the finer points of the game. She is currently training with Team Victory members Keith Gipson, Andrew Robl and others.

Sara Underwood placed fourth in her first online poker tournament. “I obviously had very good teachers, because I’m doing very well.”

Poker playmate Sara Underwood, who needs a few credits for her bachelor’s degree in business marketing from Oregon State University, said she relishes the challenge of playing poker against world-class pros, and the chance to put her brain to work. “I want to be known as a professional poker player who can hold my own at the top with some of the best,” she said. “I think the key is just really hard work. I’m just going to throw myself in it. There are no short cuts.”

When she’s not playing poker, Sara Underwood pursues a burgeoning film and television career and she recently co-founded hottiegram.com, a site that allows visitors to send customized video messages from Sara and other models. She’s frequently seen on the G4 television network, where she recently hosted a behind-the-scenes special called “Women of Ninja Warrior,” in which athletes compete on a grueling fitness course. She even tried out the course herself against female Japanese athletes.

In October 2009, Sara Underwood wrapped up filming her starring role in “Zellwood,” a horror movie set in the Florida Everglades. Her previous film credits include “House Bunny” and “Epic Movie.” Her favorite charity is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or ASPCA.

In an interview of PokerCurious.com, Sara Underwood talks about her new passion and how dealt with dozens of guys at the poker table:

In terms of poker, can we expect to see big things from you in the future?
Sara Underwwod: Big things in the poker world are definitely in my future. You don't get the top notch training I have been getting, and put in the time that I have put in, to be unsuccessful at poker.

Have you been able to learn a thing or two from the pro players on the Victory Team?
Sara Underwwod: The Victory Poker team has been training me like crazy, specifically Andrew Robl, Keith Gibson, and The Maven. I owe everything I know to them.

Any useful tips you can share for other aspiring players?
Sara Underwwod: Just that there is so much to learn, and that it can seem overwhelming at times, but don't give up it will all become clear with time and LOTS of practice. I have been reading the volumes of Dan Harrington's Harrington on Hold'em. They are great books and I recommend them to aspiring players as a jumping off point.

Do you find other players intimidated by you at the table or perhaps distracted? Can you use this to your advantage?
Sara Underwwod: I think guys definitely play different against me, but the advantages I have as being a young women at a poker table are just as great as the disadvantages, so I think it evens itself out. Some guys like having me around I think, simply because you spend so much time at that one table and it's nice to have someone of the opposite sex around, so they might be less likely to call me and just fold. But on the other hand guys also feel like they can push me around with big raises or re-raises (which they can't :)) so being me definitely has its advantages and disadvantages at the poker table.

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