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Kitty Lea
While the majority of successful poker players are men, more hottest poker babes are getting involved and taking the game seriously as a way to make money. Like this model, actress, DJ and extremely hottest poker player Kitty Lea is the new sexy chic who was bitten of a poker bug. Multi-talented Kitty Lea from Lincoln UK has been featured in many magazines such as Bizarre, Nuts, Loaded, Front, Heat and Maxim Magazine. Kitty Lea first got introduced to poker through an ex-boyfriend, who played poker professionally. Kitty likes to play poker as often as her schedule allows, or when she is in the mood: “I don’t want to be playing when I’m tired and grumpy as I will just end up losing,” Kitty Lea says.

Kitty Lea is another of Nuts Magazine's famous talent spots, with her first shoot being in the UK Mens weekly in 2007. Since then, she has become one of Nuts most popular cover girls, and has also appeared numerous times in Loaded. Her saucy photo shoots can be seen on the Nuts website by following the link below.

In a PokerNews.com interview with Kitty Lea, she talks about being so gaga at the game of poker and how she deals the game with other guys:

PokerNews: If you could meet any poker player in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would you say to them?

Kitty Lea: Hahaha I guess id meet my ex and challenge him and hopefully thrash him!

PokerNews: What do you wear to play poker and do you find it affects your game?

Kitty Lea: Well last time I did my live game I was wearing a very nice dress and considering it was a room full of guys you can imagine it turned some heads.

PokerNews: Have you or would you ever play strip poker?

Kitty Lea: Actually I haven’t but I’m very keen to start, any offers?

PokerNews: If you were stranded on a desert island what three items would you take with you?

Kitty Lea: Shampoo? Haha errr well there would be no electric, oh a toothbrush! And a bottle of vodka .

PokerNews: Do you find it harder or easier when it is all men at the poker table apart from you?

Kitty Lea: Well it’s more fun!

PokerNews: Who in your opinion is the hottest poker player male or female?

Kitty Lea: hahah no comment!

PokerNews: Does being good looking make people behave differently to you when playing poker? ....and do they assume you're not as smart as them?

Kitty Lea: Well I’m sure I have all of that to come in time. If it makes me win then I’m all for it, other wise I might have to grow a beard and shave my hair off. And often in online poker I find people think I’m a total idiot so its fun taking their money. It’s like one great big power trip I never want to end. And hopefully with time it won't!

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Kitty LeaKitty LeaKitty Lea
Kitty LeaKitty LeaKitty Lea


  1. There really isn't anything like a hot poker chick. She can roll aces and flaunt her self at my table anytime.

  2. I liked the information about the gal called Kitty Lea. If I'm not absolutely wrong then isn't she a model cum pornstar? Frankly speaking these chicks are a distraction but I know you guyz go gaga on her.


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