Szilvia Friere: Miss Hungary Turn Poker Hottie

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Beautiful, talented and sexy! What makes the poker hottie of this post special? Not only Szilvia Freire won the crown of Miss World Hungary, she go all-in in a World Series Of Poker (WSOP) last October, 2009. Szilvia Freire was sponsored into the WSOP by Everestpoker.com. But unfortunately, after Szilvia Freire busted out of the WSOP tournament she and the crew began taking shots on an empty poker table.

Perhaps unaware that beauty queens are not expected to bring about world peace but are simply expected to stand around looking pretty in skimpy outfits, Miss World Hungary Szilvia Freire is logical then to think that she can equally make a splash at Miss World and surprise all the viewers.

Szilvia Freire On Describing Herself And Hobbies

Szilvia Freire was born into a multicultural family, with a Hungarian mother and Mozambique with Portuguese blood. She lives in African country for 9 years, now residing in Hungary in Budapest independently. She describe herself as a diverse person, who is very interested and open to the world and likes to study, having an economist diploma and now working on attaining the second one. Fluently speaking in 3 languages: Hungarian, English and Portuguese and understand French a little.

Szilvia Freire is a very social and need people's company and attention, and a pet lover with a ,positive attitude, patience and tolerance that she gained can be attributed to the various places she lived through her life and it has always help me on my way. A person who is not saddened by negative criticisms, but learned from them and this way she tried to get closer to her aims. Her passionate for Texas Hold'em Poker game, encourage her to play at WSOP and other sports are an everyday activity for her.

How She Hold The Crown To Miss World Hungary 2008

Szilvia Freire said that the process for finding Miss World Hungary consists of several steps. In the first step, 600 girls were chosen out of 2000 candidates, who registered via internet with photos and their biodata. The 600 were called to appear in front of the 6-member jury, who chose 80 from them for an interview. Then 23 where chosen to go to a 2-week-long preparation camp, at the end of which only 21 girls remained. We had to say goodbye to 2 candidates there, who the jury found the least appropriate for the queen position. The final was held with a fascinating and spectacular TV show, with a new jury, who gave scores in 3 different categories: swimwear, evening gown, and after these, the 5 ‘best’ finalists had to answer the jury’s questions live, in the TV show. I am very proud to be the winner. It is one of my biggest dreams that came true.

Her Qualities For Being Hailed As Miss World Hungary 2008

For Szilvia Freire,being a very social and sympathetic; she make connections easily with other people. With her diverse knowledge in foreign languages and my childhood life, which she could spend in several parts of the world are also some of her edge. For her, Life taught her to be patience and tolerance.

Szilvia Friere's Photos

Szilvia FreireSzilvia FreireSzilvia Freire
Szilvia FreireSzilvia FreireSzilvia Freire
Szilvia FreireSzilvia FreireSzilvia Freire

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