Michelle Orpe: The Face of Online Poker

Sponsored by an operators of online poker rooms and online casino, have went into into an affirmation with poker player/model Michelle Orpe. Under the periods come to, Purple Lounge will sponsor Orpe's appearances and applications into top-dollar poker tournaments round the world; in come back, Orpe will become the face of Purple Lounge.

Orpe is a certified competitor and player and has taken part in the European Poker Tour as well as worked as a commentator on Poker Night Live. The British native had attempted a type of unusual trades, embracing playing in a explode band called "Frenzz", when Poker News proposed her a standard slot, and coached her for 2 1/2 years with seven divergent poker skilled population as tutors.

Purple Lounge is aware to the item that a growing part of their constituents is female someone, and run extraordinary women-only tournaments and engagements of the sexes, pitting men against women.

Orpe's website offers private tutoring in poker, as well as her services as a dealer for hire, for either public or private events. On her blog she dreams wistfully that someone might understand her talent and send her playing round object the world, so Purple Lounge is a image come true for Orpe.

Purple Lounge, across a partnership with Quintessentially, bids lifestyle facilities and else features beyond online gaming, so as towards be a finalize package for players.

Michelle is a acknowledged face on the poker outlook and has been included in the development for 5 years now. She ascertained poker while submitting the cult video present Poker Night Live and encountered she had a natural flare for the game. If you have monitored poker on the video it is most in all likelihood Michelle was included somehow. She loves playing the game inhabit and confirmed she could retain her own at the desks when she won her first ever sponsored poker tournament, a qualifier into the European Poker Tour in London at the Victoria Casino. She won her stool out of a paddock of over 200 players. Since then she has noted a years sponsorship deal to Purple Lounge, with who she employed to work for as an Affiliate Manager, giving her an insight into the world of poker behind the scenes as well.

She is an adaptable player who is not intimidated by the large male dominance at the tables, if anything she knows how to use this to her advantage.

Since her sponsorship she has played in various tournaments across the globe including, of course, Las Vegas and has had much success. She also writes regularly for poker magazines, compères at poker events and deals at tournaments around Europe.

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Mich OrpeMich OrpeMich Orpe
Michelle OrpeMichelle OrpeMichelle Orpe
Michelle OrpeMichelle OrpeMichelle Orpe

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