Zarah Pacheco: Hot Poker Model

Zara Pacheco

Each and every poker sites has searched long and hard for some of the most attractive poker model in the poker world to create this unparalleled poker hotties list in their site. Whether they are playing at the tables, or hosting one of the greatest poker TV shows, these hot poker model are definitely turning heads in the poker industry.

But have you seen some of the hot women on the circuit? Poker? You bet we would. Play your cards right and you would losing more than your shirt – and love every minute of it. We had no idea poker was so sexy like Zarah Pacheco.

Poker hottie Zarah Pacheco has been a successful fitness model for the last 5 years which includes coverage in the current issue of Planet Muscle magazine, a 12 page feature in a recent Musclemag publication, appearances in Playboy, top rankings on the FAME Stage and now her WNSO Pro Status. Zarah Pacheco exemplifies the Body Proud lifestyle year round stating "Body Proud is the way you treat your body. It will be there with you all throughout life, so keep it the healthiest you can".

In her interview of FuelFlexed.com, the poker hottie Zarah Pacheco talks about her fitness style and her next career – to be the next poker model in the making:

FF: Tell me about your life before “fitness”, and the wake up call that turned your life around…

Zarah Pacheco: Well i was always active in sports and never stopped training, just my eating habits had to be changed. I was in college downing beers, eating pizza, training hard, working hard, I always had energy… just the reflection in the mirror didn't match up! I was trying to lose weight like most girls and was so frustrated and realized after reading a lot of fitness models diets that I was dieting completely wrong and needed a change, so I entered a bodybuilding competition to get myself in shape with a deadline.

FF: When most people start training, they have very little focus and tend to only do the “things they know.” When you first started training, did you focus more on weight training, cardio, or both?

Zarah Pacheco: When I started training, I started getting my hands on as much info as possible reading in my spare time. I learned there are formulas to follow and if you stick with it the results are life-changing… a morph into what you want.

FF: Any accomplishments you’d like to share with us?

Zarah Pacheco: I got my pro card in the WNSO Fame and Im Bodyproud and competing in my first pro-show this year.

FF: What advice can you provide to younger lifters, female or male, so that they don’t waste precious time and wear out their bodies?

Zarah Pacheco: Take your time and remember, you build more muscle at home than at the gym! recover and eating right will get you the best results!

FF: What are your goals for 2010?

Zarah Pacheco: To become a WWE Diva and of course being part in the poker industry as a poker model..

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Zara PachecoZara PachecoZara Pacheco
Zara PachecoZara PachecoZara Pacheco
Zara PachecoZara PachecoZara Pacheco

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