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Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh is one of the most respected, and most popular female poker players around, and she just happens to be young, blond and gorgeous, Jennifer Leigh seems to have it all that's why she is a dream woman for geeks inside and outside the poker world.

Born August 10th 1983, in Wilmington, Delaware, Jennifer is a former law student turned professional poker player. She attended the University of Delaware studying philosophy and political science and started playing poker completely by chance. Jennifer Leigh has often admitted that she was a total nerd when she was growing up. At a fairly young age Jennifer got into video game, in particular Role Playing games (RPGs) and basically lived her life on the computer. Jennifer has said it was her long experience with computer based RPGs that mad her siege into the elusive world of professional poker an easy transition, in fact it was through her RPGs and their massive online community that she was introduced to poker. Jennifer began chatting to other players and one of the fellow gamers she met online turned out to be the younger brother of a poker pro - Robert Boyd, brother of Dutch Boyd and so it was Robert Boyd who introduced Jennifer Leigh to the game of poker.

Jennifer Leigh began playing online poker at PokerStars.com in January 2004. Later that same year she ended up ranked 47 on the PokerStars tournament board, making her the highest ranked female and most successful online woman poker player. This was a huge accomplishment for Jennifer who had at the time been playing poker for less than a year. Since then Jennifer has moved up to jet setting around the world to play games as well as putting up thousands of dollars a hand on occasions, as well as appearing on Poker Royale and other nationally televised poker events in Las Vegas. She has had five 1st place finishes on PokerStars and over twenty final table appearances. Jennifer is currently focused on playing live tournaments all over the world and pays her own way into tournament games funded by her continuous success at her $100/200 online games.

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Jennifer LeighJennifer LeighJennifer Leigh
Jennifer LeighJennifer LeighJennifer Leigh
Jennifer LeighJennifer LeighJennifer Leigh

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