Heather Graham: A Demon Poker Player

heather | poker player
Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 29th, 1970, poker hottie Heather Graham was destined for stardom right from the beginning. Heather did everything in her power to pursue her acting career and soon found herself in Hollywood. Heather Graham has been in the spotlight since her performance in Boogie Nights as Rollergirl. She has had a number of big roles in many movies since Boogie Nights, including Lost In Space, From Hell, Bowfinger, and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Heather Graham is known for having some of the most interesting roles in Hollywood. From the roller skating love interest in Boogie Nights to the Irish lass in From Hell, she has quite a resume. Her new movie, The Hangover, has her hanging out with Bradley Cooper, Mike Tyson, a lion and a chicken in this Las Vegas comedy about a bacehlor party gone wrong. When in Vegas filming, however, she didn’t just stick to acting. She’s actually a self proclaimed "demon poker player".

The beautiful actress Heather Graham has fallen in love with the card game poker, because she spent a lot of time in Las Vegas where she recorded the film “Hangover”.The star of the film “Boogie Nights” has thus become another one in a series of famous people to fall to the charms of poker.

The actress has admitted that this initially innocent game has awoken the dark side of her.

“Poker is pretty vicious and dark. It brings out an ugly side of me that's pretty competitive” said Heather, who participated in a poker competition and finished fourth.

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heather | poker playerheather | poker playerheather | poker player
heather | poker playerheather | poker playerheather | poker player
heather | poker playerheather | poker playerheather | poker player

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