Caroline Flack: Celebrity Poker Hottie

hot poker girl - Caroline FlackThe British host and television celebrity hottie Caroline Flack was born in November, 1980 in the UK and was raised in northern London. She got her start in the industry as a presenter for the International Pepsi Chart Show and she did interviews with various music artists. Before that Caroline Flack actually worked in a pork factory where she claimed she liked the job but grew tired of constantly smelling like meat. In her early career she appeared on the UK game show QuizNation. Her natural talent and beauty in front of the camera gained her enough attention to make the move into mainstream British television.

Caroline Flack became involved in the world of poker in 2004 when she became host of the European Poker Tour. Similar to the World Poker Tour in the U.S., the EPT is a series of televised high-stakes Texas Hold’Em games that feature some of the best poker players in the world. The show is sponsored by PokerStars and is broadcast all over Europe as well as the U.S. As a host, Caroline brought charm and glamour to the EPT where she interviewed some of the best professionals in the business. She travelled with the tour and got to visit many of the most famous European casinos in cities like Barcelona, Copenhagen, Deauville, Dublins, and her home town of London. She was later joined by Natalie Pinkham who shared co-hosting duties with her.

When not traveling the globe on one of her many hosting jobs, Caroline Flack has been known to drink with Grammy-winner Amy Winehouse and party with rocker Pete Doherty at the infamous pub Hawley Arms in northern London. She likes to listen to music and is currently dating a drummer from an indie band. Caroline continues to advance her career in front of the camera and always draws a crowd at the European Poker Tour.

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